No. The Gypsy Boys never put up a sign up sheet or draw numbers for entry, etc. We feel that the fairest way to allow entry is to allow those who have waited outside the longest in first. Most of the time buyers, especially dealers, will put out a signup sheet. Please know that any list put up by a 3rd party or customer will not be used when we open the doors to the public. Our entry is purely a first come first serve basis, always!
95% of the time the answer is NO. We know that when people wait for an extended period of time they do not want to wait while they watch people shop. We know that people get discouraged by long lines just to get in and many will lose interest and leave or not come at all if they know that this is the case. So, if we can allow entry to everyone in line when we open the doors we will do so. However, there are rare occasions when the house cannot accommodate allowing the always massive amounts of people inside the house, when this happens we will limit entry to the maximum amount of people we can to allow in to maintain a safe, hazard and theft free environment.
We get this question probably six times a day. While we would love to notify you individually when certain things you are interested in are going to be available, it would be impossible to do so without dedicating hundreds of hours a week to keeping track of what everyone is looking for, how to notify them and then doing so; this would require us to either raise our prices or raise our commission rate, we don’t want to do this. So for the time being we are doing our best to picture and list all of the items that people desire so they can see for themselves when they are available. However, we are working on developing a revolutionary system that will allow you to select the items you wish to be notified of from a list of highly sought after items and then to be automatically contacted via an individual email when these items are going to be available in an upcoming sale. So please stay tuned for this and many other ground breaking innovations from the Denver Gypsy Boys.
There are some items, (automobiles, art, extremely valuable collectible items, etc) that we will place a minimum bid amount on, these items will be advertised as such prior to the sale, and you are free to leave your information and bid amount with a DGB’s employee. We will contact the highest bidder on the last day of the sale to purchase their merchandise. It is imperative that you come by and purchase the item immediately to complete the sale.
We accept cash for any purchase, we also accept major credit/debit cards over $100. We do not accept personal checks of any kind. We will also hold an item for you for a short period if you need to run to the ATM briefly.
We will be happy to hold your purchase until the end of the sale as long as it has been paid for in full. If this is not enough time we might be able to make arrangements to meet you after the sale to have your items picked up.
YES! We try to have boxes and we always have paper and bags for your items. We will allow customers to pack their purchases so we are not responsible for breakage after a purchase is made.
Yes! We have the tools and man power to help you get your purchase to your vehicle. We do encourage you to bring help as sometimes we are very busy and it could take us a while to help you.
NO! All of our customers are treated the same, we do not allow anyone in early as this creates a disadvantage to our other customers.
We have been conducting Estate Sales for many years and we know what the market will bring depending on location, time of year, specifics of the item and many other factors. We also have many years of antique & collectible appraisal. We know all of the major collectors in town and they are always willing to assist us in pricing rare or unusual items. We always try and keep our prices very reasonable so that if you are reselling you can make a profit and if you you are buying for yourself you can buy something for well below any sale price that you would see in a retail store. Come buy and take a look, you will not be disappointed.

Our sales are done on a percentage basis based upon several factors: location, condition of the premises, merchandise in the home, can the sale be done on-site or does it need to be moved, etc.
There are no out of pocket expenses to you, ever..
Generally all of our sales are run for three days, from Friday to Sunday. There are some occasions when a four or even a five day sale is needed to sell all of the items. Some sales also may require a pre-sale to be held exclusively for our email list customers the day prior to the opening of the sale to the public.
We have been conducting Estate Sales for many years and we know what the market will bring depending on location, time of year, specifics of the item and many other factors. We also have many years of antique & collectible appraisal. If we do not know exactly what to sell a particular item for we will do intense research and/or call in an expert to help us price the item. We know all of the major collectors in town and they are always willing to assist us in pricing rare or unusual items. Keep in mind the more money we make for you the more commission is paid to us so we do everything we can to get top dollar for your items without pricing them outside of the market.
We heavily promote your sale through a variety of avenues: our website receives hundreds of thousands of hits per week (Over 16 million hits in 2010) far more than any other estate sale company in Colorado. Our e-mail list consists of more 5200 dedicated customers and grows on a daily basis. We also dedicate a portion of our google adwords accounts to promoting your sale. We are a gold member of, we use,, (a major garage sale site), all of this at no cost to you. The Denver Post (both press and online classifieds) is also regularly used to promote a sale. Sometimes we will also advertise in a more local township newspaper in your area. We put up many neighborhood signs at major cross streets and close to the home. Our website will be updated 2-3 days prior to the sale with detailed descriptions of all items in the home and between 150 and 400 pictures. As you can see from our “crowds” and “videos” sections on the website we draw HUGE crowds to any sale we have; there are generally anywhere between 75 to 400 people in line before we even open the doors on the first day of a sale.
We are very professional and when the doors are ready to be opened on sale day the home will look like a store and will be a nice, clean shopping experience for the customer. We bring in our own tables, use tablecloths, put like items together, clean & wash all items that need to be cleaned, clean out drawers, cabinets, closets, boxes & trunks so items are up off of the floor and at eye level and customers do not have to dig for items. Everything is priced so customers do not have to ask for prices. All of our staff members wear DGB’s t-shirts that have the company name and logo on them so customers know who to ask for help.
We have a large staff of employees so every floor of the home, the garage, yard etc. are covered by a DGB employee, this also helps in answering questions. Jewelry will be placed by the cash register and any small collectible and high ticket smaller items will be placed by or behind the register area or under a glass case.
The first day of the sale there are no negotiation of any prices, day two of the sale some high ticket or larger items may be negotiated or an unusual item that would only have the interest of one or two customers, day three of the sale is ½ price day, everything that is left is ½ off of the marked price. If there are items that have a minimum price, those items will not be discounted without the prior approval of the client.
We are well known for selling almost everything in a house. But if there are items left over when a sale has ended we have an individual that will buy everything that is left over at a greatly reduced price, these proceeds are also included into the gross sales. They will remove everything form the home, we will sweep and vacuum the house and the garage and the home will be ready to be rented or sold. If the client wants to keep all of the items that are left those arrangements can be made prior to the sale. In general there are very few items left after a sale is completed.
We run a cash register with a cashier at all times, sometimes two registers and cashiers are needed. Everything is rung up on the register which makes for easy addition and change back to the customers. We do NOT run around with a fanny pack, use a cash drawer or calculator and write items down on a tablet then add them up. This also moves the cashier line much faster during peak times and avoids customers from having buyers remorse and putting items back before making the purchase. At the end of the day a management report is run on the cash register and the cash drawer is balanced with that. Your certified funds check will be given to you within a few days after the sale has ended with a statement showing the total sales, our commission and your check amount.
We offer several options to you based upon your needs. It is in the best interest of the client to have the sale on site if at all possible. If there are not enough items to sell we have several warehouses that we can store your belongings in, we will then move your items in with another estate or two to fill up the house. This will give the buying customers more items to purchase, we can advertise more items to sell and therefore attract as many customers as possible. When multiple sales are combined we color code all items so that when they are brought to the register they can be rung under the correct code and at the end of the day when the management report is done we know how much is made for each estate. Please keep in mind when we bring in another Estate we do NOT bring in items that compete with the items that are already there, we do NOT bring in our own items to sell and we do NOT allow any employee to purchase items from any sale.
We attract such huge crowds because customers know that we never have “light” sales, we utilize all of the appropriate space possible to display merchandise and make the shopping experience fun for the customer and profitable for the client. The more items you have to sell, the bigger the crowd you will get. We tend to run several thousand people through the home on any given weekend.
We will initially meet with you at the home at a convenient time for you for a free consultation, it could be during the day, an evening or a weekend. We will go through the house and look at all of the items that are to be sold. We will then sit down with you and go through the entire process including what the commission will be and determine, based upon our schedule, when we can conduct the sale for you. As the #1 Estate Sale Company in Colorado we do book up rather fast so the earlier we can schedule this appointment the better.
No you don’t, in fact in most cases it is a good idea not to have the family members there. Sometimes it is difficult emotionally to see items being sold and prices negotiated. If customers know that you are the owner they may try and discuss prices etc. with you. Of course you are more than welcome to stop by if you wish.
It generally takes 4-5 days to set up a sale properly, in some cases it could take longer due to the size of the sale and the conditions of the home. Do NOT throw anything away, always remember “one man’s junk is another man’s treasures”. We are familiar with what sells so let us throw the items away that are not sellable. You do not need to empty drawers, cabinets, closets, boxes. etc. that is our job and part of the commission.
Typically the days and hours of the sale are Friday & Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, of course the hours & days of the sale could be different based upon timing, merchandise in the home, holidays and other variables. The purpose of having it these days is that typically your first day are the antique dealers, collectors and die hard estate sale shoppers. The second day you will get a lot of neighborhood people buying items and many drive-by’s from the signs since most people are working the week days. On Sunday, ½ price day, you get everyone back from the prior two days that are looking to see if specific items are still there and since most people are off on Sunday it is a great day to attract a large crowd. In addition, we maintain these hours and days fairly consistently because, while we are in competition with other estate sale companies, we respectfully wish to give other companies an opportunity to have a successful sale, so by scheduling our sales in this consistent manner it will allow other companies to schedule their sales around ours to avoid conflicting with the massive crowds drawn by the DGB’s. In some cases will hold a pre-sale for our 3,700+ email list on the evening before the sale is open to the general public. This is done on sales that are packed very full or have a lot of antique & collectible items. This breaks up the line the first day of the sale and distributes customers more evenly for the first two days. We try and let everyone in at one time if at all possible, they want to get in as soon as possible, we lose customers if they have to wait in line for long periods of time in the cold and heat. We have enough staff on hand to help all customers and be aware of any possible theft. We do not allow a sign-up sheet, it is a first come first serve basis to be fair to everyone. We do NOT let any buyer in early to purchase items and we do NOT let our staff purchase items.
Automobiles sell very well; the commission is greatly reduced for selling an automobile. If there is fine art, fine jewelry, rare & high end antiques & collectibles, we have excellent resources to help price these items. In some cases these items may be bid items with a minimum bid amount. If these items do not sell we can make arrangements with you to try and sell them at a later time at another sale. We can discuss those possibilities with you during our consultation with you.
Of course we do we’re the Gypsy Boys! We have a very long list of references and very satisfied clients. We can provide you with phone numbers, e-mail addresses or letters of recent and/or not so recent clients. We encourage you to stop by one of our sales and see what makes us the best!
We service the entire Denver metro area. Northern Colorado up to Ft. Collins and Southern Colorado to Colorado Springs. Western Colorado to Vail and Eastern Colorado to Limon. Of course other areas could be considered based upon a variety of variables.
All of our staff are sales people. We are there to sell all of the merchandise and get the highest amount possible for every item. We encourage customers to move the items they have purchased so we can help other customers, but we will help move any item, we have strong bodies to help move any item at any time. Typically because of incredibly crowded conditions the first hour of any given sale day is not ideal for moving furniture through a house. We will deliver items at a nominal fee if that is what it takes to make the sale.
An Estate Sale is a sale where the entire household of items are being sold for any reason. It could be a death, re-location, downsizing, divorce, combining two households or a foreclosure.
No. Our staff members are not allowed to buy/remove any items from a sale.